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"The Long Journey Home:  A Marines Ride to Harley-Davidson USA"

Pat "Brandy" Fitzgerald  

  • Current Post Historian ; Secretary, American Legion/Riders Post 290 in Stafford, VA

  • Current Member (and Webmaster) Women Marines Crossroads Chapter, Quantico
  • Current Member/Secretary, Quantico Harley-Davidson Harley Owners Group
  • Life Member Marine Corps League
  • Retired member of Band of Brothers USMC Motorcycle Riding Club
  • Church Choir Director

* Prior Secretary, American Legion Riders Post 28; Past Adjutant, American Legion Post 28
* Prior Commandant, Mickey Finn Detachment, Marine Corps League, Triangle, VA,
* Past Commander/Adjutant, Geiger Young Marine

I always wanted to be a biker!  No, I was not born that way; I was influenced at an early age and it has stayed with me all my life.

At the early age of 12, I was co sidered old enough to babysit my two younger siblings.  “The Parents”, as we came to call them much later in life, would go out every once in a great while and I would be placed in charge.  I was DEFINITELY NOT ready.  On one of these special occasions, after the siblings had gone to bed, I was turning the dial on the black and white television set, and what jumped onto the screen but “The Wild Ones, starring Marlon Brando!”  I was immediately thrilled and settled down to enjoy what I was positive “The Parents” would vehemently object to me watching.  Thus began my life long love affair of wanting to be a biker and owning a genuine old fashioned, black biker leather jacket!   So when people argue over television and movies  influencing children, I can honestly say, "Yes, it does!"  

It has taken me five years of college, three years as a Band Director, twenty-plus years in the Marine Corps, two metric bikes and in 2006 my first Harley to get to where I am now.  The dream has always been there; sometimes hidden beneath the surface always waiting and dying to get out..

While growing up I would always tell people, "Some day I am going to ride into Harley-Davidson USA on my own Harley!"  People would laugh or say things like, "Yeah right! "  But on June 5, 2022 that dream is going to be a reality and I will share it all and the whole trip right here!  MORE



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Some people commute to work on a bike, and some people just ride around town for fun. But there’s a large group of riders that spend hours, days, and weeks on the open road with the wind in their face.

For those riders, it’s important to eat the right food while traveling. You need to be able to sustain a long day on the road while being attentive to what could happen around the next corner. The most important thing to put in your body is water. Staying hydrated will keep your muscles from locking up while in the seated position for hours at a time. It’s also important to have a little bit of caffeine, but not too much. Being over caffeinated can cause your muscles to tense up and make you anxious, two things that can lead to fatigue while riding.

It’s important to eat lean proteins for energy if your diet allows, and to consume natural sugars. Potassium is another must have while traveling all day on the road. Potassium interacts with the electrical signals from your muscles to the brain, this keeps you from getting cramps and weak muscles. Most importantly, your heart needs potassium to function properly. (Best source of potassium while traveling = banana, grapefruit, avocado, orange)  MORE