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We are a lot like you. We ride... but never enough. We love motorcycles (particularly Harley-Davidson®)... but are fascinated by anything with 2, 3, or even 4 wheels. We have homes with husbands, wives, and kids but LOVE to roam the roads all weekend long regardless of time. Everyone who can meet the challenge of coming in every day does so to make the dream of owning a motorcycle a reality, and this is why the H-D® experience is rewarding. We NEVER get tired of watching you go out the door with your 1st or 5th new motorcycle. #HDQuantico is enveloped by the love of riding AND live Harley-Davidson® lifestyle! 

Other dealers may call themselves 'premier dealer' or 'largest dealer', or any number of grandiose descriptions. Harley-Davidson of Quantico is just simply... a motorcycle shop!  We are passionate!!. We think that speaks for itself in our level of expert service, outstanding customer service, head bangin’ bada$$ custom motorcycles, and most of all... in our people. We get it!

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Call us at (703) 221-3757 or come by today and experience our superior service and selection! We look forward to serving you!


Vintage Paint Meets Modern Road Glide

Harley-Davidson of Quantico redefines old school in custom paint

By Mark Masker January 23, 2018

Custom painting a bagger is never easy, but this one kicks the difficulty factor up a notch. See, whenever you go to put pigment to a touring bike, it’s like painting a 3-D jigsaw puzzle with giant pieces. Unless you want the paint job to suck, the graphics in one part have to match up with the other painted pieces next to it. Since most of us don’t care much for ugly paint outside of a rat rod, making sure the puzzle pieces work well from the fenders to the tanks, covers, and bags is a pretty big deal. The crew at Harley-Davidson of Quantico understands how much an amazing paint scheme can really set off a bike, and so they went into this old-timey paint job armed with that knowledge.    

Harley-Davidson of Quantico is a franchised Harley dealership that builds around 75 custom bikes a year. With that kind of custom business coming in, they’re always looking for paint ideas. So when H-D of Quantico’s Ken Barner decided to build his 2017 Road Glide into a killer custom job, he contacted his go-to painter Brian Morgan and told him, “I want to raise the bar on this build.”   MORE

Fast Harleys Only

History Bike - Behind the scences with Ken Barner, Owner and General Manager of Harley-Davidson of Quantico


Being Here Now, with Persy

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway to celebrate the channel hitting that 1K subscriber milestone! You folks are awesome and the support is greatly appreciated. I am so very grateful for everyone in the community we are building here and for having such a wonderfully supportive HD dealer. Check out the video to see who won the big giveaway and a spur of the moment second winner.

My FXDR and the Awesome people at Quantico Harley Davidson!!!!!

A walk around of my FXDRs and a shout out to Quantico Harley. What they have done and helped me with to keep my bike on the road.

Harley Davidson of Quantico - Rolling Thunder 2019

V14DA  Memorial day in Quantico with Harley Davidson of Quantico, Rolling Thunder, I had the opportunity to witness the last rolling thunder in Quantico VA. Music: AC/DC - Hells Bells



Rolling Thunder 2019 - (Final Ride) - Harley-Davidson Quantico, VA

Rolling Thunder 2019 - Quantico HD to DC

Rolling Thunder XXIX, Quantico HOG, Departing Dumfries

Quantico Harley Davidson before Rolling Thunder

1,000 Subscribers??!!! | Let's celebrate with a GIVEAWAY, courtesy of Harley-Davidson of Quantico!!

Meeting Adam Sandoval and Scooter

2016 SBMC - Iron Elite - and Quantico Harley Bike Event

Harley Davidson of Quantico - Memorial Weekend